Since I started my E214 I have gained so much knowledge, ideas and my original perceptions have been changed. Throughout the course through the DVD, course materials and Digital Audio File (E214, DAF) I was able to understand and learn new things that I have not heard or read before. The points that I have chosen to talk about have been closely looked at and explain the issues covered my views on different concerns that have been mentioned throughout the course made my knowledge extended. Through the digital audio file(E214 DAF) I was able to compare myself with the other professionals.
The first main issue that I picked up from the different views are about extra classroom support by the participants. In Aspen2 we could see that Hamilton says (E214, DAF) ‘I have palled them up with other students, so we have got like a learning partner’ here we could see that paring has been done at the head teacher’s discretions not according to the children’s wish. In E214 Unit 8(p.15) ‘Listening to children’s voices means hearing what they tell us about their views and experiences’. But here the children are forced to do things rather than being listened to or their views are not accepted and their rights are being rejected and ignored.
Next we could see that Head of Aspen 2 views that ‘buddy’ system is an effective teaching method for everyone. I think a group lesson or a group activity would be a more appropriate because many would be contributing their ideas and there will be a happy environment. Aspen (E214, DVD) this has a positive effect on the children socially because they can make friends and are accepted by the other children. But Hilton states that ‘it would not necessarily be easy because they are , you know, there will always be the ones who are on the edge of the class, who, always being taken out of the class for extra tuition’.(E214,DVD). I do not agree with this because Learning Support Assistants are there to support and they could have the less able ones...