E214 Tma 02

I am choosing Scenario 4 to explore in detail
You are a parent of a disabled child who wishes to attend riding classes with her elder sister. You write an email to request this, explaining why it is important to you and the family. The owner of the riding school emails back explaining why it would be better for your child to attend ‘riding for disabled’ sessions at another stables, citing issues of insurance amongst her reasons. You email back having double checked that insurance need not be a problem if suitable arrangements are made.
To: Riding School
From: Mrs Ray
Subject: Email Ref Riding Classes for my disabled daughter
To whom it may concern,
I would like to enquire about riding classes for my child who is disabled to attend with her elder sister. We would like her to have this opportunity to ride a pony as she has always been round them from a young age, although she is disabled this has not stopped her from getting on with life. Please could you let me know if this is possible and when we could come down for the classes? [1]
Many Thanks
Mrs Ray
Email from riding school response
To: Mrs Ray
From: Riding School
Subject:   Response from riding school
Dear Mrs Ray,
Thank you for enquiry asking about classes for your daughter, we do other classes for the eldest daughter but not for your youngest who is disabled. This is because our insurance for the centre does not cover for disabled riding therefore I would recommend you try asking a licensed centre that is better equipped for your daughters disability. [2] I am sorry that we cannot help you but we cannot take the risk we do not have any one trained to help your daughter or the right equipment for her to be able to ride safely. I do hope you find somewhere that can help you.
Many Thanks
Mrs Wilson
Riding School Owner
To: Mrs Wilson
From: Mrs Ray
Subject: Email back to Riding School
Dear Mrs Wilson,
Thank you for prompt reply, However I have looked into the Insurance requirements...