E123 Tma03


For my TMA 03 I have chosen to focus on Health, Safety and Well-being in my setting.


I am a pre-nursery leader and have responsibility for 24 children and 2 staff.   We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) statutory framework which outlines the principles for children’s health, safety and well-being.   We also have our own school policy which covers the roles and responsibilities of staff and the Governing Body.   It also sets out the arrangements that should be put in place to deal with different areas of risk, i.e. child abuse.

The general welfare requirements cover five areas:

Safeguarding and promoting children’s welfare

As mentioned in the Statutory Framework for the EYFS “the premises, both indoors and outdoors, must be safe and secure” (DCFS, 2008).

We do risk assessments on a daily basis.   Making sure that the toys are clean and safe to use, that the environment is safe and secure both indoors and outdoors.   It is important that the children feel safe and secure within their environment as this helps to increase their confidence and self esteem.   We operate a key worker system and the children can ‘bond’ with this person.   It is important that the children trust the people who care for them as this makes the child feel loved, valued and cared for.

We are a healthy eating school.   We run a lunch club for our children and encourage our parents to provide a healthy lunch.   All the children are provided with milk/water and in accordance with The National School Fruit scheme, a piece of fruit at snack time.   They also have access to fresh drinking water throughout the day.

Again as practitioners it is our job to make sure that the area where we prepare and eat out snack eat our snack is clean and safe and that food is prepared in accordance with the food hygiene legislation.

If a child is ill whilst at school, the parents are contacted and the child taken home.

The children’s behaviour is also...