Tma03 Fear and Sadness

Nicola Charlton (C4040260)
BSc (Honours) Psychology
D240 Counselling: exploring fear and sadness – TMA03

Consider systemic issues in a counselling case study.

Simon Chipperfield is 28 and a middle class, white heterosexual male from Warrington Cheshire. Simon lives with his girlfriend Susan in a house they bought together 8 years ago located just outside of their home village and where both Simon and Susan’s parents still resided.   Simon works locally in his home village as a butcher and also a part time DJ with a residency at the local wine bar on a Friday night. Growing up Simon was the youngest of three children, two boys and a girl, his father had a good steady job and was always getting into new hobbies outside of work, Simons mother was a neutering lady Simon explained that sometime he played on it but he knew he would get away with doing very little. His father was very strict and Simon was a little scared to stray from what his father told him. Susan had noticed over the past few months Simon had started to change his behaviour so that he was at home a lot more, with Simon being a DJ he still ventured out to do this but there would be time Susan felt he was making excuses as to why he could go somewhere as close and simple as the local supermarket.   When questioned by Susan Simon felt that he was being pressured and didn’t understand why Susan didn’t understand he liked to DJ and this is when he was at his most happiest.   Simon explained that when he was being a DJ it was him being in his own ideal world surrounded by the sounds and the atmosphere he felt at ease in, he was good at it and this was his escape from everything else that was going on in the world around him. Recently Simon had been feeling unwell and was experiencing bouts of feeling very nauseous after eating and generally all the time which seemed to make him feel anxious and as though he did not have the energy nor did he want to go out and the fear and anxiety of this has resulted...