E 100 the Purpose of Just War

E100 Ethics
Title: The purpose of Just War
Why, is asking if just war is necessary? The thought of a just war needs to be considered prior to a war being started. This critical question and answer will trigger a life changing experience for soldiers, civilians of the state and all those internationally involved in the political conflict. The purpose of the Just War Theory is to provide a set of ethical principals regarding violent conflict.1
The just war theory consists of 3 phases: The first phase is Jus ad bellum, the start of a war.   There are six criteria's that must be met and substantiate the reason for going to war, in turn answering the initial question of why and validating going to war.2
Secondly, Jus in bello defines the rules of engagement.   In this phase, moral and ethical issues are taken into consideration as the war is taking place. Jus in bello dictates the conduct and application of force by all armed forces involved and the need for respecting the human rights of its citizens as best it can during the crisis.3
Lastly, Jus post bellum is the end of war and recovery period. This phase gives regard to the peace settlement, securing fundamental rights, territory and sovereignty, and ensuring civilians are not punished. It focuses on a radical change towards a legitimate regime.4
Thus, the just war theory is a tool that evaluates if war is the last solution when non-violent options have been exhausted between political communities. In order to provide command and control of a war; there has to be guidance, and rules that all parties involved must adhere to in order to modulate military forces and civilians. Overall, the goal of just war theory is to provide a framework to re-establish peace at an echelon level beyond what it was originally prior to the start of war.


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