Dutis and Diversity

MODULE 1                                                       VIDELINA PENCHEVA                    

                                    TASK 1.2;     DUTIES and DIVESITY
                                                      SHC 32,1.1,1.2                                                                                                                                

Create environments that promote positive behavior   ,help children to develop different skills. Support   policies ,procedure and practice to safeguard children and ensure   their inclusion and well-being. Support and work   in partnership whit the teacher. Support   and evaluate children’s communication and creativity .Support   a child whit   disabilities or special need ,safeguard   children from harm . To monitor the progress of children work and develop and related   with   EYFStage.
Main duties is, to meet   the children’s individual needs-appropriate to their level of development. In my setting I work whit   3 children whit special need   .To help and support   them   ,I use special supplies ,which is a more detailing   and appropriate for their development level. I need to prepare equipment for the activities and provide appropriate materials   for all children’s .I need to   maintain accurate notes and record as when required. To help children   complete the tasks ,that the teacher has asked them –as target.
Code of Practice
The interest of the children is a placed before all else. I should to value and respect   each child   as individual. I should to safeguard   the rights of children ,their personal and physical   safety. Should   to work in a cooperative with the family and values beliefs and cultural difference.   All colleagues   in   my settings   should   to   maintain the high   standard of performance and aim to improve their knowledge   and skills. I need to keep confidential information unless   required by low or to protect the interests   or welfare of the child.   Children’s   health and well-being are...