Everything is hazy, just the way I like it. The dogs are floating around again, they always do that when i'm like this.... The pill pottle is empty again, the kids must have been here... I still have kids? I forget a lot... I'll just check the trash can... The dogs took them again! "Give them back right now!!!" He got away... I'll just go get more.

"She's not answering." I said with a frown. "Do you need a ride home honey?" Mrs. Cook asked. "No, i think i'm okay. She'll pick up eventually."

Keys. Keys. Keys. Keys. Car. Car. Car. Car. Reverse. I forgot i have a basketball goal. Another dent. TAKE OFF! mailbox. Not again... Another dent. That was crazyyy, i tore up my grass... I mowed that yesterday.. I think... I don't have a lawn mower though. I'll go check. GARAGE. There's a wall here. Dent. My favorite song is on.

"Okay i take it back, i might need a ride." my girlfriends mom knew how my mother got sometimes, but she was always too polite to ask. I gave my girlfriend the awkward hug any eighth grader would and headed out. It was an awkward car ride, both of us were assuming what was going on, but neither of us said anything. "So how's military school?" this is how most people started conversations with me when i was home. "It's military school, you know... military.." she laughed a little. "Regret the truck yet?" she said it with a sarcastic grin. "As much as i regret forgetting breakfast this morning." we both laughed, but i actually regretted missing breakfast more, i was kind of hungry.

"Innnnn a momennttt likeee thisssss, daaa da daaa da da da da", I'm gonna go back inside. Oh god. stairs.

"Do you want me to wait?" she said sincerely. "Nooo i'll be alright, i'll probably see you tomorrow, nighty night." I took the death walk to the front door, noticing the my basketball goal had fallen over. Mrs. Cook stopped in the street in front of the house to say something. "Looks like somebody clocked your mailbox good this time, tell your mom i said...