(1)By eighth grade, 52 percent of teenagers have consumed alcohol, 41 percent have smoked cigarettes, and 20 percent have used marijuana.   Are you one of those people? Teenagers will take the risk of trying new things whether it's on their own or in a group. The rules have changed since the old days and it's a bit hard to fit in this world. Knowing you might have to be stuck with a life consequences you still have that erg to take that chance. It's not only your friends that encourage you but also what you see on tv and hear on the radio.

    Drinking and drugs can lead to suicide too. If your not in your right mind your not going to make the right choices. Most people commit suicide because they are trying to get away from the situation they are dealing with. Feelings and emotions are a big deal and it’s not a joke when your having thoughts about killing yourself. We all get overwhelmed sometimes and it can be very difficult to deal with what we are feeling. It’s tough and it’s going to be tough but you have to deal with it and keep your head up.

    A recreational drug is any chemical that changes your state of mind. Some are illegal while others are legal but not for most teens under the age of 18. (2)The main drugs are, alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, inhalants or solvents, cocaine and crack. People will take these to boost self esteem, reduce boredom, have fun or even because of peer pressure. It's often difficult to tell if your around people like that but for example the change in your behavior or even hanging with new friends and dropping old ones could also be signs of using drugs. You may think once you try it you'll get addicted to it. Most people will stop as they grow older. But teenagers that use them when they're a bit younger seem to find it harder to stop.

  (3)You may think alcohol wouldn't be bad for you because it's made from fermented fruit and veggies so that means it must be good for you. Clearly you're wrong! Alcohol is a...