...In a person’s own mind, they think they are the aggressive type of driver, or the cautious type, but no one will ever admit that they are the “I got my license in a cracker jacks box driver”.   The only fact that is certain about a person is they are never always aggressive or cautious while they drive.   A person’s driving type varies from time, place, and, the most important reason, their attitudes affect one’s driving style.  
The roads today are filled with all types of drivers, but one of the worst drivers is the hot shot or aggressive drivers.   All the time, day after day, people encounter these maniacs, who drive like they think they are invincible.   The short period of time that I have been driving, I have encountered some crazy drivers.   The first hotshot driver I saw, was actually two teens who were drag racing down the streets going ninety mph or faster.   While they were racing, one of the two cars was actually driving on the opposite lane.   Other experiences I have encountered were a high performance bike that was weaving in and out of cars just because he didn’t want to stop.   This biker was going real fast for what he was doing he reminded me of a cop chasing a robber movie of just how fast the bike was going.   Another example of a hotshot driver is they love to push or blow a stop sign or light.   What I mean by push is that, they creep far into the intersection then floor it right when the light turns green.   Aggressive drivers like to aggravate other motorist by tailing, honking, or even bumping the car in front of them.   They just can’t seem to wait a few extra seconds to go when the car in front is trying to turn.   Those hot shot drivers just floor the gas and go around them and sometimes drive on the opposite land to get around the other driver.   The most gutsy driver I have every encountered