Bad Drivers

Dabolt 1
Nick Dabolt
ENG 090
Mrs. Maguire

Drivers on the Road Today
Bad drivers drive me absolutely crazy. Not only is it annoying, but dangerous too.   I would rather be at home all day than go out on the road to give myself a headache.   When I came up to Raleigh for college after growing up in a country community it was a new world.   People are crazy up here and mot just cannot drive in my opinion.   It is almost like people do it on purpose, to be careless.   I notice many kinds of different drivers on the road.   These drivers I have classified into three different categories according to how they drive: Grandma Drivers, first timers and the reckless.
The grandma driver, to me, is the worst out of the three.   They don’t know speed limits or just decide to fifteen under what is posted.   Sometimes I wonder if that is just an old person’s role while driving, to go as slow as possible in the fast lane on a major highway or any road at that.   I think that it is very dangerous, and if they cannot follow the rules then they really do not deserve a license.   Riding through Fuquay I always end up behind an old town car with a grandma in the driver’s seat.   I have noticed that hardly any pay attention at stop lights; they will stop at red lights but when it turns green they will sit there. Not all old people are like this, but most are.   I think all senior citizens should be tested once a year after seventy to see whether they can drive or not.

Dabolt 2
My second kind of driver is a first timer.   We all have been down that path of learning how to drive. Just some learn faster than others.   I hate it when I get behind one, because they are anxious and scared that they do not drive right.   Also, they will not take chances, such as right on reds or just pulling out into traffic. They do not understand that all cars are come with brakes and hopefully they will slow down enough.   One of my pet peeves is the kids that just get their license and think they...