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Please complete this timesheet carefully. This document is used to calculate worker’s pay and your invoice.

Week Ending Date Sunday ______/________

Week Number

This timesheet must be returned to Swift Personnel by 09:00 each Monday
Working Time Hours not through Swift Personnel POA = Period of Availability WT Hours = Working Time Hours OFFICE USE

Last Week

This Week

Date Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun

Start Time

Finish Time




WT Hours




I am authorised to sign agreement to the above hours. I declare that the Working Time and Pay and Charge Hours are correct and accurate, other than those not through Swift Personnel. I understand that Swift Personnel will invoice for these hours in line with the Terms of Business.

Signed:_______________________________ Print Name: ________________________________ DRIVER’S DECLARATION
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. I declare that the Periods of Availability (POA) and Working Time (WT) Hours are correct. I confirm that I have entered the Working Time Hours for This Week for paid work not done through Swift Personnel. I confirm that I have entered the Working Time Hours for Last Week, for paid work not done through Swift Personnel, and that this is the only non-Swift Personnel work I have done. I confirm that I will notify Swift Personnel if I undertake paid work other than through Swift Personnel. My last weekly rest of ________ hrs was taken on ________ . I confirm that I have sufficient working hours (WTD) and drivers (EU) hours to complete my assignment.

Signed: _____________________________________ Print Name: _________________________

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