Drivers Ed Module 10

Collisions: Costs and Preventions

There are many costs associated with owning and driving a car. There are maintenance costs, fees, tolls, taxes, fuel, and insurance. Discuss these costs with your parents or guardians, then answer the questions in one or more complete sentences.

  1. Will I have a vehicle of my own to drive, or will I share? I will have to borrow my mother or father car. And will be able to have my own vehicle when I’m 18.
2. Who will pay for the insurance and gas? I will pay for the gas and my parents will pay the insurance.
3. Contact your family’s car insurance company to obtain a cost estimate. How much will you be expected to pay monthly or annually? $200-$400
4. Each week, you drive 150 miles. Your car gets 25 miles to the gallon, and gas prices are $3 per gallon. How much gas money will you spend on gas each week? $125
5. If you earn $8 per hour after taxes are taken out of your paycheck and your insurance is $200 a month, how many hours will you have to work to pay for insurance? 25
6. Will your parents set restrictions on your driving, such as the hours of the day you can drive or how many passengers you can have in the car? If so, please include restrictions.
7. Will your parents allow you to drive to school, to work, on major highways, or to any distance away from home? Please include where you will be allowed to drive. Anywhere I will be able drive or go to.
8. Never text and drive! Discuss with your parents the use of your cell phone when driving. Explain to them the one situation when it would be appropriate to talk on your cell phone. Then write the situation you spoke with them about.
We discussed if I’m ever driving and they need me to stop to go pick something up. They can text me and tell me what they needed or text me telling me to call them. And once I pull over I’ll text them or call them.

Substance Abuse

Choose one option to complete your five- to eight-sentence paragraph in this section.