Dream Job

One question that has been asked to kids forever is what is your dream job?   You always get the go to answers, cop, astronaut, lawyer, doctor, and the best job fireman. If I would have had to answer this a few years ago I might have came up with a different answer. But I already have my dream job as a firefighter. I plan on having this job for a long time to come. My ideal job after firefighting would be lying around on the beach collecting retirement.
Being a firefighter is a great job to have. It is my ideal job and hopefully I can keep doing it for years. It’s a physical and demanding job so keeping up on training and exercise is a key to longevity. So now that I already have an ideal job my next job is retirement. I plan on having my kids grown up having great jobs of their own and kids of their own. Then I’ll be sitting on a beach somewhere surfing and sipping on ice cold drinks. Just in case lying around gets boring I would like to own some kind of business one that doesn’t require constant attention.   Opening up a hotdog stand or ice cream store sounds like a good bet to keep me busy in my old age. Possibly even a surf shop to keep me in shape and always have new boards to surf with.
I know the only way to make my ideal job work is to work hard now. I need to save my money and invest in smart ventures. Doing the right things and having a good work ethic now will allow me to lounge around on a beach one day with my family. A good understanding of businesses will help me run my own place in the future. So it’s all about school and saving now to play later.