Dream Destination

Dear Journal,
I’m so excited to tell you that I’m going to be going to Europe—Madrid, Spain; Rome, Italy; Paris, France—for 30 days! I’ll be in Rome for 9 days, Paris for 9 days, and Barcelona for 10 days. I’ve got my passport ready and everything! I don’t need a visa or any shots for any of the countries I’m going to go see. Fun fact, each country uses the Euro so I won’t have to worry about having to use different currencies in different countries. One dollar is worth 0.67714 Euro which totally sucks for me because everything will be more expensive over there. In Italy everyone speaks Italian and some English but not a lot. In France French is spoken and in Spain, Spanish is spoken.
I want to go to France because I want to go see the Eiffel Tower and the city of Paris in general. I also want to go and practice my French with the locals. Paris also has amazing clothes so I want to go shopping.
I want to go to Italy because I want to go see the Coliseum and the city of Rome in General. Italian and Spanish aren’t that different so I’d be able to pick up on things quickly and be able to communicate with the natives somewhat well. Italy is also known for its amazing food and I want to go eat a lot!
Spain would have to be the country that I want to visit the most. My dad was born in Spain and I love the culture. I really want to go see a real bullfight because that would be so amazing! I also have family up there I would like to visit.
As far as what I’ll be doing every day I am mainly going to tell you the five biggest things I want to do in each country because it would take too much time to go into detail.
  Visit Ancient Coliseum
      Visit the Sistine Chapel
      Go to Catacombs
      Go shopping all day in major stores. I want a lot of shoes!
      Spend a whole day eating out at restaurants and gorging myself.
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  Visit the Eiffel Tower
      Go shopping all day. I...