Tour operators are sort of wholesalers, the service they provide its valuable to producers, the retailers and the customers. They support the producers of travel products and give them guarantee to buy their products; such as seats on bus, plane or rooms in hotel or motel; and they take on the role of marketing of the product as well. A huge number of product producers are depends on contracts with tour operators.

Maximum mass market tour operators get travel agents to sell their products. Some tour operators deal directly with the consumer and known as ‘direct seller’. There are some specialist operators those prefer deal directly with their clients and advertise in news magazines or in some special magazine edition too.
They got the ability to buy services and supports of the tourism experience from suppliers at vital discounts by purchasing in bulk. There is no doubt the tour operators fulfil a vital role in the tourism industry. As tour operators allow the variety of tourism sector to sell their capacity in advance.

The Tour operators are perfect builder of holidays. In easy way the tour operator purchase and process of holidays alike Air travel, accommodation and transport– and puts them together to make package holidays, for example couple of weeks at Caribbean resort with full-board with accommodation, meals and airport transfers. Reason of these components can be bought in bulk, the tour operators can usually provide the holiday cheaper than usual if the customers bought and arranged each component of the holidays separately.

 Investigate the tour operations sector of the travel and tourism industry

One of the tour operator from tourism market said, “I have developed a tour that takes tourist into our local communities and to people I have developed economically in their own small tourism business. I therefore do the marketing for them and bring the bulk of their business to them where they own 100% of their business and...