Draft Prescribing(Rough Very)

The consultation
Patient X had been referred to the hospital alcohol liaison team. I and my DMP completed a focused consultation and review of the patient’s   care.  
Pendleton (2003) describes the consultation as the central act of medicine. It can be defined as a two way act between patient and medical practitioner (Pawlikowska et al 2007)
Non-medical Independent prescribers require the skills and competencies to manage a consultation. Luke et al (1998) & Sue et al (2007) state a number of clinical decisions need to be made, such as the formulation of a diagnosis and whether   it is appropriate to prescribe medication or not. Young et al ( 2009) & Dougherty & Lister (2015) highlight that for Nurses to be able to prescribe independently they must develop a new range of consulting competencies and consultation skills to practice safely and effectively
My approach to the consultation is influenced by the medical model. Innes (2004) & Neighbour (2005) state the medical model approach is traditionally recognised as a structured and systematic approach to the consultation and diagnosis. An effective consultation between patient and practitioner requires an ideal and safe structure, a systematic approach enables the novice prescriber to work through the complexity of clinical decision making ( Nuttall & Rutt-Howard 2011)
The Author acknowledges that medical model has been critised for being

this provides a sysThere are many models and theoretical approaches which inform our understanding of the consultation (Usherwood 1999).   Neighbour (2005) describes the consultation as a journey which requires the development of skills to support the stages of the consultation journey.
Dougherty & Lister ( 2015)   acknowledges a new range of competencies and skills are required for a nurse to safely practice as an independent prescriber. Young et al ( 2009) highlight that the independent nurse prescriber needs to integrates new consultation skills alongside nursing...