The plot is the way the author organized the story. It is a series of events arranged in a particular order or time sequence. There are some distinct features in a plot:

• Rising Action

Events that lead us to the main story. For example, Mr Richard Enfield’s encounter with Mr Hyde in the early hours of the morning when a little girl was trampled. And also all other incidents that lead to the main story.

• Climax

It is the main event. For example, when Dr Jekyll disappeared, Mr.Utterson and Poole, his manservant searched all over the place for him.

• Falling Action

The events that lead to the conclusion or end of the story. For example, the discovery of Mr. Hyde’s dead body and Dr.Jekyll full statement of what actually happened.


Chapter 1: Night in the City

- The first encounter with the devious character Edward Hyde. It was two o’clock in the morning when Richard Enfield
walked back to his home in the city.
- He saw Hyde trampled a child and went after him for an explanation.

Chapter 2: The Signature

- In this chapter the doctor finds that the child was shocked by the incident. The cruel Mr.Hyde insist that it was an
- Dr.Grant wants to call the police but Richard Enfield proposed that Hyde pay a compensation to the girl’s family.
- Hyde agreed to pay 100 pounds, 10 pounds in gold coins and 90 pounds in a cheque as compensation to Edie’s
- As Mr.Hyde did not have any money or a cheque with him, he took Richard and Edie’s father to his house- an hour
walk in a seedy part of London.

Chapter 3: Blackmail House

- In this chapter Richard Enfield and his uncle,Mr.Utterson, go for their Sunday afternoon walks together.
- One of their walks ended at the street where Mr.Hyde entered a building to get the money.
- Richard relates the incident and the signature on the cheque to Mr.Utterson, who is also Dr.Jekyll’s lawyer and good
- Mr.Utterson is...