The Death of Dr. Jekyl

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde ~ Essay 2
Dr. Jekyll decides to end his own life simply because he has no other choice… he is already dying. When Dr. Jekyll makes the decision to end his life, he is only a shadow of his former self. Hyde had corrupted his will to the point where he knew that if he did not destroy Hyde, therefore destroying himself, he would becomeHyde. When Jekyll first started his experiments, he was seeking a way to escape from his well-known and respected main persona. Although Hyde enjoyed having such a great reputation, he felt partially trapped by it. He could not do the things that normal people could do and all for fear of tarnishing his reputation. Hyde offered Jekyll a legitimate and no strings attached escape to his dark side – and for Jekyll, this meant pure freedom.
It can’tgo unstated that too much of a “good” thing is never good, and this was definitely the case with Jekyll and Hyde. Jekyll was hooked on the freedom that was offered by Hyde, and he eventually got to the point where he could not control his impulses any longer. Jekyll was essentially a drug addict who was quickly spiraling out of control. He had no other choice. Jekyll could become Hyde forever or kill himself and save countless other lives the pain and suffering that would have inevitably been caused by Hyde. Jekyll made the most ethical decision of the dubious choices that he had.