Donnie Darko


  * 1988 – Middle-class American
  * US Presidential Debate: Democrat Michael Dukakis vs. Republican George Bush

          Postmodern film
  * with mixing together many disparate styles and ways of film-making together into the same movie.           : hybrid of science fiction, gothic horror, super hero, coming of age, social satire, period film (80s), ‘mind game’
  *   This highlights the constructed nature of the film by explicitly incorporating or referring to other media and texts.                 Intertextuality: the movie incorporates music/ lyrics both diegetically and intertextually
  * the distinction between ‘high’ and ‘low’ art styles, techniques and texts               both canonical literary texts and popular music are used as intertextual referents in the film shows an undoing/ collapse of the divide between ‘high’ and ‘low’ art. Moreover, the film asks profound moral and philosophical questions, while at the same time is a teen romance/ dark comedy/ drama.
        ‘mind game’ film
  * either ‘play games’ with the audience’s perceptions
  * characters whose mental condition is extreme, unstable, or pathological
  * they oblige one to choose between seemingly equally valid, but ultimately incompatible ‘realities’ or ‘multiverses’.
Donnie Darko as a liminal character
  * During the opening scene Donnie is more concerned with defending his psychological difficulties, than he is in contributing to the political discussion that is taking place amongst the adult members of his family
  * Donnie is positioned between his younger sister Samantha, who naïvely sits unengaged in the conversation, and his older sister who freely expresses her political opinions.
  * Donnie’s journey from adolescence to adulthood can also be understood as a liminal time in his development: his identity is still crystallising and he must make sense of the world around him.
  * time travel as a metaphor and catalyst for the coming of age...