Tom Breanan Into the World

“The Story of Tom Brennan highlights many aspects of going through a transition.”

Transitions are a part of life. They are the responses to change, can help people to move on or can lead them on a negative path. The result of a transition can be positive or negative and the way in which an individual responds to them impacts the experiences they will have and the consequences they will face. Fear and conflict can provoke transitions. The texts “The Story of Tom Brennan” and “Donnie Darko” explore the impact of transitions through examining the themes of fear and conflict and using visual and language techniques to express ideas on transition.

Fear   is a significant obstacle that threatens to hinder an individuals growth and ability to move on to new directions in life. Fear of leaving the past behind and moving forward can create barriers which prevent transition. J.C Burke shrewdly constructs notions that leaving fear behind will allow transition to occur and continuing to manifest fear will cause transition and development to halt. Astute use of emotive language and fearful tone clearly expresses that Toms fear is not allowing him to move forward. “ That's what I'm scared about, I can't ...I can't go backwards”.   As a result the readers are provoked to have an emotional response allowing a clear understanding of the substantial amount of fear Tom is faced with. This shrewdly depicts that fear can overwhelm individuals and cause them to reject transition. Additionally, use of ellipsis visibly emphasises that fear is the main obstacle that prevents Tom from transitioning into his new town and leaving the past behind. In turn this highlights how fear is significant in limiting change and transition into new phases of life.

Moreover, overcoming fear enables people to transition   into new phases of life. Removing fear as an obstacle can enable substantial change and development. J.C burke clearly exemplifies that as there is a realisation that fear was...