Domestic Violence

Trudy Root
College Composition II
Kaplan University
January 21, 2013

There comes a time in someone’s life when others need help but are too afraid to talk to someone about it.   As an example, there are many domestic violence situations in which children are negatively impacted.   Many of these children face abuse themselves.   As well as witnessing loved ones being abused through domestic violence.   This lifestyle could have devastating effects that could last the rest of their lives, if not treated properly.   Whether the abuse is physical, mental, sexual, emotional, or negligence, these children need help.   Diligence of many people are needed to help look for signs, symptoms, and possible causes of domestic violence or abuse within the children to help prevent this ongoing social issue of abuse from continuing to happen.  
Have you ever wondered what domestic violence or child abuse is?   “Domestic violence is a pattern of behavior used to establish power and control over another person through fear and intimidation, often including the threat or use of violence.   Child abuse, or child maltreatment, is an act by a parent, caretaker, sibling, family member, or other person that results in physical or emotional harm to a child.” (Safe Horizon, 2013).   Abuse comes in many forms that can be described as devastation in many eyes.   Those children involved in these cases endure beatings, kicking, shaking, choking, burning with cigarettes, and even severe emotional distress, just to name a few.   They receive this type of treatment from strangers to loved ones, male or female, elderly to the very young, and even mentally challenged to the geniuses that are out there.   No one really knows why or who that could pose such harm on an innocent victim.   The victims of these situations have a greater risk for developing substance abuse, juvenile pregnancy, criminal and aggressive behaviors.   They also tend to abuse their significant other as they get older and tend...