Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence in Relationships
Count to ten - another woman was battered in the United States. Wait sixteen minutes - another man was battered in the United States. “On any given day in Rhode Island, 52 people call a domestic violence hotline, 44 women and children spend the night in a domestic violence shelter, and 34 people seek community based domestic violence services.” ( These statistics are unbelievably retched. Domestic violence is an issue that cannot afford to be overlooked. “One in four women have experienced domestic violence their lifetime.” (Domestic Violence Research Center). Take a look at this statistic and think of four women in your life and imagine one of them being the victim in an abusive relationship. It is a horrific thought to think someone you know, or just 25% of the female population, are victims of domestic violence. What kind of monsters would take advantage of having someone that loves them in their lives by hurting them?
A large problem that occurs in domestic violence cases is that most may not know what the definition of domestic violence is. Domestic violence does not just consist of being threatened at knife-point or beaten up.
“Domestic violence consists of a pattern of coercive behaviors used by a competent adult or adolescent to establish and maintain power and control over another competent adult or adolescent. These behaviors, which can occur alone or in combination, sporadically or continually, include physical violence, psychological abuse, stalking, and nonconsensual sexual behavior.” (
There are many people out there, women and men, who believe their partner is just being overprotective when they dictate what the other can and cannot do, or talking them down about themselves, others they care about, or things they are capable of doing. These things are instances of domestic violence most people overlook because they aren’t being physically harmed. “Psychological abuse includes...