Domestic Violence

Examine the patterns of, and reasons for, domestic violence in society.

Domestic violence in the physical, emotional, sexual or financial violence that takes place within an intimate or family type relationship and forms a pattern of coercive and controlling behaviour. It may involve partners, ex-partners, household members or other relatives. Domestic violence has been happening worldwide for a long time, it follows certain patterns within society and different groups of people have different opinions in why it is happening. Domestic violence is the cause of the greatest mortality rate of women worldwide, it is even greater then war or famine.

Patterns of domestic violence within society includes, that it is majority women suffering at the hand of her partner 99% of all incidents reported by women are violence committed by men. Less then 10% of incidents are of men being assaulted. Domestic violence is widespread throughout society, nearly one in four women have been assaulted by a partner at least once in their life, and half of these cases go on to repeat as more domestic violence is taken place after. Domestic violence is a constant problem which is still going on in day to day life in some people. 2 women a week die of domestic violence and 30 men a year. This shows that domestic violence can happen to anyone but happens most of the time to women.

Also domestic violence tends to be fitted into certain a pattern of cases, for example it is more likely to happen with a working class family, there could be many reasons for this including the stress of having a lower income, or the fact that women are ‘the takers of shit’ for men who have just returned home from work. Also there is a link between alcohol consumption and domestic violence, this could be because of lose of temper when drunk or drunkenness itself leading to arguments between partners or children.

Domestic violence can be very hard to completely wipe out, the biggest reason for this is...