Domestic Violence

There needs to be a greater effort to educate young adults and teens on the fallacies of
domestic violence. At an early age young adults and teens will learn the harmful effects of
domestic violence and the warning signs before they ever have to deal with domestic violence.

    What is domestic violence? Does economics play a role in who will face domestic violence?
Is there a certain race or culture this type of relationship takes place in? There seems to be a
gender bias towards young ladies that may experience the abuse in the relationship. There are
steps that we can take to target our youth with information and support before the problems

    Domestic violence is a form of control and manipulation used in a relationship to control the
other person through fear and intimidation. Many young ladies are controlled and manipulated
by there abusers though verbal attacks, Isolation, blaming and economic control. It is my
understanding that this is the way the abuser establishes control, therefore creating isolation. This
causes the victim to depend on the abuser which continues the cycle. Race has no bearing on
who is affected by Domestic violence? There is no certain race that is effected more than the
other in this crisis. Young women are between ninety to ninety-five percent most often the
victims of Domestic violence. (Centers for Control and Prevention). (2006)

    There are no cultural or racial distinctions when it comes to Domestic violence. This silent
terror is not just happening to women, however abuse is predominately effecting women and
young girls. There was a survey done by five hundred young girls ages fifteen to twenty-four and
sixty percent of these young girls ladies were currently involved in an ongoing abusive
relationship and all had experienced violence in a dating relationship. (When Teen Dating Turns
Violent). (2009) Forty percent of teenage girls say they know someone there age who has...