Who is Euripides?   Euripides was one out of three great tragedians, he was born in Salamis. He was called during his the father of psychological tragedy. In his works he would focus on the female character, he helped reshaped the Greek tragedy structure. Euripides adds a twist to his plays, he will have an ending which is happy but make the audience know that the characters don’t deserve the happiness. He left Athens, during the invitation of King Archelaus of Macedon.Euripedes mostly likely was at danger, because of his ideas that surprised many. “The Bacchae” was one of his works that he wrote when he was in Macedonia. This play talked about the godly wrath of Dionysus and the powerful of chaos.Eurpides sadly didn’t live to see his play to be performed in Athens.
What is the Golden Fleece?   The dragon that never slept stood guard for the Golden Fleece. It was the kings prized possession of Aeetes.Jason was   trying to get the Fleece, but Aeetes had would have conditions that would prevent anybody from getting it.In order   he would have to have to many steps ,use fire-breathing bulls, sow filed with dragon teeth and much more. Medea’s daughter, Aphrodite would fall in love with Jason. Medea would help Jason retrieve the fleece, she gave him this potion that put the dragon to sleep. Jason and Medea went to Iolcus with the fleece and married. Medea birthed two sons for him, later on he was lead to divorce her. After he divorced Medea he married the princess of Corinth.