Diversity and Avoiding Conflict

Diversity and Conflict Management for Going Green Initiative of Riordan Manufacturing Sharon D. Olney-Hill
PM/ 582
February 2, 2014
Lindsay Pineda

This paper will speak to the issues and opportunities experienced by Riordan Manufacturing. Riordan Manufacturing management’s has made a decision to implement organizational transformation by “Going Green Initiative”. The decision to take on an external consultant to evaluate assembly processes and to propose a sustainability plan to conform the organization to ISO 14001 principles is easier said than done because of unwilliness and complete contributions of team members. Issue and Opportunities

In short, the Riordan Manufacturing scenario went through multiple issues and opportunities from the beginning to the end. Key issues found within the reading of Riodan Manufacturing memorandums was the fact that the team members where not aligned with the “Going Green Initiative”. The opportunity to have team members aligned with the plan would benefit the company into a smooth transition becoming Green. By getting everyone on board would create a wonderful opportunity for the organization to conform to ISO 14001 standards (Riordan Manufacturing Website, 2014). According to the circumstances, there are differences among team members of Riordan Manufacturing for accomplishing the “Going Green Initiative Plan”. Variation among the team members may result into conflicts, so it is essential to identify, address and mitigate the conflicts. In order to avoid any conflicting situation during the progress of green initiative, proper implementation of well thought-out strategies is essential for the new team leader. Address and Mitigate Conflict

Presently there are three conventional categories of conflict: goal-oriented, authority-based, and interpersonal. Conflict situations come up because of apprehension, vigor, reasonable or finances. Apprehension is a made-up concern for outlook. Vigor represents any kind of start and...