Displacement and Changing Relationships Alter the Sense of Belonging over Time

Displacement and changing relationships alter the sense of belonging over time, effecting the characters thoughts and actions. This is clearly represented in the texts “As You like It” by Shakespeare, “Funeral Blues” by W.H. Auden and Lord of the flies by William Golding, where the characters are alienated, isolated, accepted or reconciled due to altering environment and relationships. As the sense of belonging changes over time the  
In the poem “Funeral Blues” by W.H. Auden the main character experiences a sense of alienation, and a loss of identity due to an altering relationship and emotional displacement. In the opening line the use of the words cut and stop are short, abrupt sounds, signaling the tone of the poem to come and setting a feel of foreignness. In the first stanza the mourning character silences the all of the outside world except for a muffled drum, separating and isolating them self in a state of mourning, “Silence the pianos and with a muffled drum bring out the coffin, let the mourners come.”
In the third stanza, the character has experienced changing relations with the passing of a loved one, leading to questioning their identity and a displacement of emotional state. This is conveyed to the audience through the use of an extended metaphor, where the deceased represented all that was good in the main character, who now has little of their identity belonging to them. The use of compass bearing further reinforces this, as he was in every aspect of their view. The repetition of the word my, emphasized the connection of belonging that existed between them, as they “owned” him and his love, bonding them together.
The fourth stanza portrays the character’s alienation to the universe, where they no longer belong due their displaced emotional state. This alienation and isolation from the universe is portrayed though hyperbole, as major elements in the world and solar system are belittled and made insignificant, to express how they feel they no...