1) Describe the Changing Relationship Between Agrippina the Younger and Nero

1) Describe the changing relationship between Agrippina the Younger and Nero

In the first months of Nero’s reign Agrippina Nero’s mother controlled most of her son’s life and the empire. Agrippina lost control over Nero when he began to have an affair with the freedwoman Claudia Acte, which Agrippina strongly disapproved of her. Agrippina began to support Britannicus in her attempt to make her son emperor of Rome. Britannicus was secretly poisoned on Nero’s orders during a banquet in February 55. This led a change in their relationship.

In 55 Agrippina was forced out of the palace by her son to live in imperial residence. Nero took away all of his mothers honours, powers and her Roman and German bodyguards. Nero even threatened his mother numerous of times that he would abdicate the throne and would go to live on the Greek Island called Rhodes. Pallas also was dismissed from the court.
Towards 57, Agrippina then moved into riverside estate in Misenum. Nero had sent people to annoy her. As Agrippina lived in Misenum, she was still very popular and powerful. Agrippina and Nero would only visually see each other only on short visits.
Suddenly Agrippina was murdered her death is yet uncertain due to historical contradictions. All surviving stories of Agrippina's death contradict each other.
In Tacitus opinion Agrippina’s son Nero became involved with a noble woman named Poppaea Sabina were Nero’s mother was standing in her way. As Tacitus says that Nero was considering to poison or to stab his mother. As Nero thought it would be too obvious and suspicious. So he thought of a plan to make it look as if it was an accident as he built a self sinking boat. As the boat sunk Agrippina was still alive as she used a part of the boat to float her up towards the shores. As three assassins were hired to stab Agrippina as she was brutally murdered.              
According to Suetonius Nero was annoyed at his mother being too watchful and tried three times to poison...