Discussion Board 9

IT Security Report
Stephen James, Jerry Jones, Thomas Lozano
Samantha Mayer, Matthew Miller
December 17, 2012

Table of Contents
Table of Figures & Tables 3
Introduction 4
Threats Summary 4
Insider Threats 4
Outside Threats 5
Technology Threats 5
Environmental Threats 6
IT Security Top Threats 6
Insider Threats 7
External Threats 8
Technology Threats 9
Environmental Threats 10
Security Considerations 11
Systems Removed from Service 13
Risk Mitigation 13
Downtime Issues 14
Security Policy and Training 18
Written Documents with version control 19
Policy Document Ownership and Origin 20
Management Structure 21
Target User Groups 21
Effective Data Range 21
Verifiable Audit Trail 22
Future Audit Provisions 23
Policy Exception Process 24
Security Awareness Training 24
Nature of Material 25
Responsibilities with Regards to Company Material 25
Proper document handling 26
Protecting information stored on the computer 27
Computer security concerns 28
Workplace physical security 29
Consequences for not following policies and procedures 30
Conclusion 31
References 32

Table of Figures & Tables

IT Security Report
With the introduction of the frequent shopper program, Kudler Fine Foods must be able to identify the new security threats and mitigate them quickly to ensure that the integrity and availability of the organization continues at the high level that its customers have grown accustomed to. With the training of employees about the security threats that will continue to rise and strict policies and procedures in place, Kudler Fine Foods will soar to new levels while keeping their security issues to a minimum.
Threats Summary
There are many common threats to computer systems, server systems, company information, and company interests today.   These threats include inside threats, outside threats, technology threats, and natural threats.   Each threat has to be identified to determine how to...