Discuss the Relationships Between Parents and Children in Romeo and Juliet.

Romeo and Juliet is a romantic heart throbbing play which includes lust, hate and more.
Both Romeo and Juliet come from high set family’s meaning they are rich and well off. Their families are enemies’ meaning Romeo and Juliet’s love is forbidden. Stuck with their problems Romeo and Juliet ‘start crossed lovers’ try to make their love as true and real as they can.

Once read the scripts and seen the films there isn’t much parent to child apart from scene when Juliet is with her mother. SCENE III. A room in Capulet's house
When this scene first comes on there isn’t much that shows a mother daughter relationship. Her mother seems like the sort that wants her daughter to be just like herself. The mother ‘lady Capulet’ is not understanding for her daughter. When her mother is trying to set Juliet up with Paris the man her mother and father want her to marry. Juliet does not seem to know what she really wants to do when it comes to ‘love’. The nurse has more other an effect to Juliet than her birth mother does. Juliet and her nurse are more like mother and daughter than Juliet and her real mother are, the nurse comes across more caring and understanding with Juliet’s problems as if she really wants to help her rather than make Juliet’s choices for her. When Juliet meets Romeo and they plan a wedding notice that Juliet would rather tell her nurse than her mother. When Juliet asks her nurse to tell Romeo news of herself and such the nurse does it. I don’t think Juliet’s birth mother would do that. The play shows that your birth parents aren’t always the people who care the most and want to help the most.

However, when Juliet’s mother tries to talk to Juliet, Juliet seems to need to hold back and not tell her things. So it shows that it’s not always the parents. Juliet is never with her father in the play apart from when her and her father argue as he has arranged her marriage with Paris but she is not satisfied with being with Paris as it is Romeo whom she...