1) Discuss the Relationship Between Social Theory and Empirical Research in Relation to the Article Written by D’Ovidio, R., Mitman, T. Et Al. (2009)

For one to ascertain the relationship between social theory and empirical research one needs to define the two. Primarily social theory is a supposition utilized to study and decipher social phenomena. More specifically, sociological theory endeavours to bestow a systematic way of thinking with regards to several sociological problems or issues such as social progression or social change for example. One could argue that a social scientist’s most suitable surmise with regards to the inherent nature of a particular society is based on official, validated observation collaborated with experimental analysis. This is where the research comes into action as to interpret or construct sociological theory, one needs primarily to test the validity of the proposed theory or one is required to conduct a piece of research which, may result in one procuring a theory. Empirical research is predominantly based firstly on experimentation and secondly on observation. Empirical research is administered to answer ones particular question or to examine or test ones hypothesis.

D’Ovidio’s study focuses on whether adult-child sex advocated websites are utilized socially to cultivate learning environments for criminalisation.

“This study reports on a content analysis of 64 websites that promote, advocate, and convey information in support of sexual relationships between adults and children to determine whether these sites were structured as learning environments for crimes involving the sexual exploitation of children.” D’Ovidio

D’Ovidio conducted this empirical research in order to discover whether or not the content of specific websites encourage, support and communicate information sustaining sexual relations between adult and children. He endeavoured to decipher whether these particular websites were designed to indoctrinate individuals with regards to illegal activity including the sexual exploitation of minors. ‘Specifically, we examine how adult-child sex advocacy...