Discuss Mayella's Reason for Being Attracted to Tom

In Harper Lee’s “To kill a mockingbird”, Tom Robinson, a black man who is accused of raping a white woman named Mayella. Although the truth is Mayella propositioned Tom and is caught by her father. At that time, a white person can’t love a black person because of racism. But Mayella has been attracted to Tom even though she knows that is not allowed. The reasons are she is very lonely and Tom is really a good man.
  Mayella Ewell is attracted to Tom because she is lonely. First of all, she doesn’t have any friends. Because she is low in society, she doesn't have a good family background to make any friends. She must be eager to have friends. But she doesn’t have any chance to meet friends. She is isolated from her peers. Furthermore, her father never cares a bit about her. Mayella’s mother died when she was a child, so she needs care and love very much, but her father is an irresponsible drunkard. He spends his unemployment money on alcohol, and doesn’t send his children to school. Lastly, there is no one who cares about Mayella. Mayella is the oldest daughter and she has to take care of her siblings and do all the housework, such as cooking, washing dishes, sweeping, and making beds all day and every day, with none to help. In conclusion, she is being attracted to Tom Robinson because of lonely.
  Also Tom gets Mayella’s attention because Tom is really a good person. Firstly, he is very helpful. For example, he helps Mayella many times, such as repairs the old door, and helps Mayella when she needs assistance with her everyday jobs. The fact is only black man would like to help her because she is low in the society of white people, there should be no one white person willing to help her. It is easier to abandon Tom as after using a slave. Furthermore, Tom is a kind man. Mayella wants to giving him a nickel when he helps her, but Tom refuses the payment because he helps her not for money but because of a kind heart. Lastly, she was attracted to Tom because he...