Discuss Issues of Equality and Diversity and Ways to Promote Inclusion.

We are aiming to live in Multicultural Society and as such cohesion is needed in order to integrate every single member. In the current context, the main focal points are –Equality ,Diversity and Inclusion .

I   Equality-:
In general term, Equality means that everyone is treated equally and fairly. While the latter has a broader meaning ,the former is linked directly to Legislation and guideline. Equality is about everyone having an equal right to attend school, participate in the learning process and being treated with utmost respect ,regardless of their Gender , race ,sex and religion.

II   Diversity-:
It is valuing the difference between individuals ,whether it relates to gender ,sex ,age ,etc. Diversity should not be single out , but it has to be integrated. (Wilson ,2008 )

These two processes are the building blocks of the Inclusion process.

III   Inclusion-:
It is generally defined as the process of ensuring everyone takes part in the Learning Process.
Woolhouse ,et al ( 2001 :101) provides a more thorough description ,stating that :
” Inclusive Education assumes that all learners need support to learn .”

    All   Students   are different and thus they require a different approach to accommodate them into the learning process. Some may need extra resources ,some need   special assistance (e.g.   Disabled or Dyslexic person) ,where other may need an extra help with English Language. Some might even feel intimidated ,just because they are different from the others.

It is of   paramount importance for a Teacher to be able to use all available resources and help that is at his disposal, to ensure that all Students learn efficiently and productively.
For example, use of clear language helps students better understand   a core subject; usage of Visual aids would enable quick grasping of a topic;   removing discrimination would maximise Learner’s potential.