Discuss Issues of Equality and Diversity and Ways to Promote Inclusion with Your Learners. Review Other Points of Referral Available to Meet the Potential Needs of Learners.

It is important as a tutor that you acknowledge and respect the needs of all your learners. By adapting to their needs and altering your teaching to suit, you are able to include a variety of learners, and not directly or indirectly exclude learners. Being aware of inequality will involve you understanding that learners have the right to attend and participate without feeling discriminated on the grounds of their ethnic origin, gender and race etc. Diversity is about valuing these differences. A number of strategies may need to be used in order to include all learners.
To help remove barriers between learners, it may be useful for them to work together as a team. This co-operative learning it a good approach to including all learners and giving them the opportunity to see that all students in the class, irrespective of there background can contribute to the session.
Throughout any lesson it is vital we assess the learners’ progress. Learning and feedback are vital to successful learning. In assessing learning it gives the opportunity to review if your teaching is effective in reaching all students regardless of background. It also gives you the opportunity to assess if the resources you have used are appropriate to any learners with physical difficulties i.e students who are visual impaired.
When holding a learning session it is always useful to ask learners to draw on their own life experiences when backing up their points. This is something all learners can contribute with. Experiential learning encourages all the class to see what differing experiences have and why their point of view is valid.   This type of experience sharing will also help learners to build confidence and appreciate that no matter what your back ground, everyone has something to offer.
Learners can be included in classroom activity by using e-learning and technology. All learners will need assess to equipment. Some learners may be unable to work with certain types of technology, reasons...