Dirt Bikes


                    Dirt Bikes Corporation is interested in information on cost effectiveness of
the motorcycle industry and the economy. I will evaluate dirt Bikes concerns and will come up
with a plan to recommend them in order to benefit the organization and their employees. We
will discuss an intranet system, internet tools and wireless internet and the impact they will
have on the organization. We will also discuss a web page for advertising and a data base for
more up to date technology.
                        Since dirt bikes offers internet to their employees that use computers on a
daily basis I recommend that they create a private network for those employees. This would
consist of an intranet system that is private and secure, protected by a firewall that only allows
authorized personal to access. This system will allow quick fast access to needed information
for sales, marketing and production quickly with just one click. It will also allow easy research of
the competitors. It will help human resource department time and money because they will be
able to download handbooks, calendars, and job listings and much more and be more cost
efficient than having to print everything out on paper. The Manufacturing would benefit with
the intranet system because they could track inventory easier and schedule needed crews to
where they are needed the most.
                            An internet tool that would be helpful for the employees that works
at a desk on a computer all day would be the voice over IP system [VOIP]. This would enable
employees to make or take calls over a microphone at their desks. This could save the company
20 to 30 percent in communication costs {Laudon & Laudon, 2009} it would also save on long...