Dirt Bikes

Recent advances in technology are making it more and more easy for businesses and organizations to improve productivity, cut costs and implement new ideas.   One of the fastest evolving elements in business is the communication.   Communication speeds have risen exponentially over the last ten years, and continue to do so.   Rising use of e-mail, wireless cell phones, and company-operated intranets are making communication within and outside of the organization faster, less expensive and more effective.   Dirt Bikes is concerned over the cost of their communication both within and outside of their company.   Implementing new technology will save money on communication, as well as make it easier and faster to communicate with individuals and other companies that Dirt Bikes deals with.
Currently, employees at Dirt Bikes are able to connect to the internet using desktop computers.   This poses a problem, however, if not all employees have access to a desktop computer, and whether or not the desktop will be available when an employee is ready to use it.   Implementing a wireless area network and mobile computers like laptops would speed communication and records of sales because it would be accessible to anyone in the business, from anywhere they could pick up the wireless signal.  
Faster person-to-person communication within the organization would lead to faster problem solving and more effective management.   The organization would immediately be saving on costs because the information would be available on a more up-to-the-minute basis, avoiding the mistake of acting with incomplete or obsolete information.   Cellular phones and handheld devices would also benefit the company if they employed travelling sales representatives or account representatives who traveled outside the office to conduct business.   Using handheld devices can also improve organization-client relationships by shortening response time when a client calls looking for information.   Creating a company...