Step 1:   The Plan
  * Take 2-3 minutes at start
  * Answer these questions:
  1. What’s your position?
  2. What narrower idea?
  3. Which two examples?

Choosing examples
  * 1 current event/historic, 1 literature
  * Specific, specific, specific!
  * Research : 2-3 current,3-4 history, 4-5 literature
  * Only excellent personal examples
  * Be familiar with your examples

Example prompt
Which is more important: personally fulfilling work or high paying work?

Example Plan
  1. Position: personally fulfilling work is more important.
  2. Specific aspect:   individuals who are extremely wealthy but find fulfillment in other work
  * Sense of achievement measures of importance
  3. Examples: Andrew Carnegie’s philanthropy and Huckleberry Finn giving up fortune

Step 2. CABE Introduction
  * Contradiction: the view opposite from your side
  * Assertion: “However,” followed by your own position
  * Because : Basic reasoning behind your position and ‘a narrow point about a specific area’
  * Examples. Summarize the two examples you have chosen. Specify and use strong verbs.

Example Introduction : CABE
Contradiction : Assertion : Because : Example
CONTRADICTION] In our modern capitalist society, prosperity is considered the ultimate goal in many pursuits.
ASSERTION] However, prosperity cannot be considered achievement.
BECAUSE] Indeed, those who achieve great wealth often discover that fulfilling work provides a far deeper sense of achievement than the accumulation of wealth.
EXAMPLES] The benefits of fulfilling work are illustrated in the philanthropic acts of Andrew Camegie, a steel industry executive, and the river escapades of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain’s best known character.
Step 3. Body Paragraph 1
  * Topic Sentence: Brief 1 sentence description of example
  * Information: 3-5 sentences on the “story”
  * Be detailed but relevant
  * Link : 2-3 sentences connecting to thesis
  * Golden Rule :...