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Treadway Background and History

The Treadway Tire Company is located in the United States, and employs 9,000 people nationwide.   The company is a major supplier of original equipment and replacement tires of Treadway brands and some private tire company brands.   They have recently closed several manufacturing plants leaving the company with a remaining total of 8 plants nationwide.   The concentration of this analysis is focused on the Lima Tire Plant, located in Ohio.
Treadway employs a mix of salary and hourly employees.   The hourly employees are union workers while the salary employees are not.   The Lima Plant is composed of 1,120 employees with a breakdown of 970 hourly personnel and 150 salaried personnel.   The Key players in the Lima plant are members of management at various levels.   Ashley Wall, the Director of Human Resources has recently been moved from a Treadway plant closure and has been asked to address one of the main concerns of the Lima plant.   The issue to address is the high turnover rate of the middle management, the line foremen. She has developed a education training/orientation program for the foreman. She is also currently working on ways to increase the company’s morale.   Robert Henry, the Personnel Manager has observed the employees in action and sees that the new line foremen are thrown into the job with little training and suggests that the company needs to provide more training to its employees training.   Brandon Bellingham, the Plant Manager agrees that more training is needed but states it is not in their budget at this time and proves not to be very cost effective at this time.

The Treadway Lima Plant Problem and Issues

During the company analysis, many problems within the Treadway Tire Lima factory plant have been identified.   The main problem found at this plant is the high employee turnover of the line foremen position mainly due to job dissatisfaction.   The employee turnover rate for the line foremen position...