1: Understand diversity, equality and inclusion within own area of responsibility.

  * 1:1 Equality and diversity should be at the core of every organisation as it enables us to deliver a better service and improve our work practises and promote positive values. It is important to respect individuality and diversity not only in the workplace but also in our daily lives. Equality is about creating a fair-minded society where everyone has the chances to fulfil their potential. Whereas diversity is about identifying, recognising and valuing the difference in its wide-ranging sense. (DoH 2004) We live and work in a multi-cultural society and we must all take responsibility for our actions, as “care workers” we work with very vulnerable clients and this puts us in a position of power and we sometimes have to make decisions which has the potential to be used or abused. It is vital that we as workers understand our job role and its legal implications; we must also be aware of our own policies and procedures and keep ourselves updated. What we do as workers have a direct impact on our service users therefore we must conduct ourselves in a non-judgemental approach and support non-discriminatory practises. Part of my role is to continually raise staff awareness around such issues as equality, diversity and inclusion, no one individual is responsible and every staff member has a duty to ensure policies and procedures and legislation is followed and implemented by doing so we can create:
  * A better working and living environment
  * A more aware/ informed staff
  * Achieve strategic aims and goals (organisationally/locally)
  * Improving the prominence of the organisation/project
  * Attract and retain quality staff.
It is important to remember that, as a manager I can be held responsible for any discriminatory practises that occur within the workplace. Applying the principles of equality/diversity requires all staff to ensure that systems are in place and...