Diabetes Health Initiative in New York
Meredith Barlow
HCA 415
John D Moore
October 24, 2011

Identify and provide description of the health problem.

Diabetes is caused by the inability of the body to create insulin or the ineffectiveness of the body to use deficient insulin that it does makes. Insulin is used to assist sugar in food to bind to cells that generate energy. When sugar or glucose does not receive insulin it stays in the cells and energy is not produced. As time passes the blood contains more glucose than is necessary which contributes to health issues (NYSHealthFoundation.org, 2010).
Some problems that are caused by diabetes are kidney disease, amputation of extremities, and even blindness. Diabetes is among the leading causes of death in New York and nearly every state. Related illnesses such as stroke and heart disease are direct results of diabetes. Complications with pneumonia and the flu   can cause death from these normally treatable illnesses when diabetes is present.
There are some misconceptions that diabetes is the result of eating excessive amounts of sugar. However this is only a myth and a physician has to diagnose the presence of diabetes after completing certain tests such as a glucose tolerance test.
The growth and spread of diabetes has been increasing year by year. Now reaching epidemic proportions in New York, it affects one twelfth of adults. The number of cases has doubled since the early 1990s and now is expected to double again in less than forty years (Wiley-Rossett, 2010).
There has been a million New Yorkers that have been diagnosed with the disease that are known cases. Nearly another half million have the disease but may be unaware of it.
The number of children that are contracting the disease is also on the rise according to the Center for Disease Control (NYSHealthFoundation.org, 2010). The statistics state that one third of the children born are likely to develop diabetes during their lives. The number of...