American Cultue and Diabetes

American Culture and Diabetes
Peggy Dismuke
ANT 101
Kathryn Johnson
June 25, 2009

American Culture and Diabetes
    Diabetes is a growing problem in American culture, linked to family history, sedentary lifestyle, and obesity.   Why and how has this become a problem?   I will discuss the cause and effect, diagnosing, prevention, and treating the problem.   Diabetes is also growing faster in the American youth.   By finding a way to control this problem, we can decrease the numbers.
    American culture is changing every day and Americans are adding more diverted to the foods they are eating.   According to an abstract by Karmeen (2004), “Things have changed in the U. S. as the population has grown to include many different ethnic and cultural groups, and this has resulted in diverse foods and food habits.   Thus, the American diet is a combination of many cultures and cuisines” (p. 190).   With the added ethnic and cultural foods, the American diet has changed the way we cook and what we eat.  
    The growing rate in which Americans are becoming obesity and developing diabetes did not just develop over night.   These changes in society began years ago and are still changing.   According to Marion (2005), “these societal changes affected the structure of families, schools, neighborhoods, consumer demands, agricultural production, business practices, and technology” (p. 1497).   It is just like a domino effect.   Americans bring in the diverse foods and eating habits and they get to busy to exercise, they begin to lose control of their weight and health.
    A chart Marion (2005) talked about had some good examples of the “societal changes that affect children’s diet and activity patterns” (p. 1498).   The first column listed the change and the second column listed the consequence:
Change | Consequence |
1. More families with working parents | 1. Parents unable to supervise children's meals |
2. Neighborhoods and parks   perceived as increasingly unsafe |...