The course syllabus and scheme of work is provided for my courses by Central Y.M.C.A Qualifications which is our governing body (see appendix number 1). My scheme of work covers all the relevant content but is not in logical topic sequence. I find it does not take in to account the delivery of the course so therefore I have devised my lesson plans using the scheme but not directly following its sequence. Reece and Walker (2006: p244) describe a scheme of work as ...a series of planned learning experiences and go on to say that the topics should be in such an order that the aims are met effectively.   I find that the order of the topics in my scheme of work do not echo their description so I have adapted my lesson plans to aid course delivery. This is evident in the two lesson plans I have provided for this assignment. The content for day 6 (see appendix number 2) is highly relevant and the learners need to be fully aware of client barriers and motivational skills before going on to design a progressive exercise programme. Day 7 (see appendix number 3) involves designing a programme but this is not the way they are set out in the scheme of work. It does not put these two parts together in sequence. In practice I have found the learners learn more effectively if I deliver these two topics together.

I have planned day 6 using assessment methods advised on the scheme of work not only because I consider this way to be a very good tool for recognising learning but this aids with differentiation. The group activity enables learners to feed of each others strengths and helps integrate all learners. As discussed earlier in my learner profile, this is a good way of getting younger learners to gain knowledge from the more experienced learners in the group who present with more affective behaviour as highlighted by Petty (2009).   Also on this plan I have added role play in pairs and select the 2...

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