Dfa 7130

DFA7130 Teaching, Learning and Assessment: Initial Teaching assignment. BY  

I am currently teaching at   College in the hair and beauty sector and also   skills centre I work 3days a week teaching and also work within a salon in industry as I feel it is essential to keep my practical skills and knowledge up to date. I teach level 1 basic hairdressing services to 15-16year old students at   skills centre which is for students who have either taken hairdressing as part of an option for one of their GCSE s or the student are no longer allowed to stay in main stream school. The group consist of only 6 students and all are female. These students will be taught at a basic level of knowledge in theory and practical which will give them a foundation ready for them to continue the course at   college level 2 hairdressing if they wish to do so. This course also gives them the equivalent of 4 GCSE s at a grade C.
At   college I take 2 groups of   W.B.L (work based learners) 1st and 2nd years both in the theory and in the   commercial   salon , 2nd year students which are full time and I currently take them in the commercial salon observing students working with clients in a busy salon environment. The last group I teach are adult V.R.Q students (Vocationally related qualification) which are full time and are currently working on both theory and practical in this session .This group is one of the new courses which enable the student to qualify with in the 1 year.
I agree with Knowles on the assumption that adults learn in different ways as I have experienced this throughout my teaching sessions when teaching adults and children.

An andragogical approach places more emphasis on what the learner is doing.Andragogy is all about how adults learn. Knowles (1970) stated that adults prefer to learn in a different way from that of children. Much of educational theory is based upon assumptions. Knowles identified assumptions such as ,adults prefer to be self-directing rather than...