Devry Comp 220 Ilab 3 Bank Account Lab Report and Source Code

DEVRY COMP 220 iLab 3 Bank Account Lab
Report and Source Code

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This lab introduces you to writing a C++ program to implement the concept of class
inheritance using different types of bank accounts as a model. In this lab, you will
create a base class, called CBankAccount, and two additional classes (each derived
from CBankAccount), called CSavingsAccount and CCheckingAccount. You will
then test the operations of each class in function main() to simulate the transactions
of both a checking account and a savings account.
Submit a single Notepad file containing the source code for all the files of the lab to
the Dropbox for Week 3. Your source code should use proper indentation and be
error free.
Be sure that your last name and the lab number are part of the file name: for
example, YourLastName_Lab3.txt.

Each program should include a comment section that includes (minimally) your
name, the lab and exercise number, and a description of what the program
Submit a lab report (a Word document) containing the following information to the
Dropbox for Week 3. Include your name and the lab or lab-exercise number.
Include a brief description of what the program accomplishes, including its input,
key processes, and output. Test Plan: Include a brief description of the method you
used to confirm that your program worked properly. If necessary, include a clearly
labeled table with test cases, predicted results, and actual results. Summary and
Includea summary of what the lab demonstrated and any conclusions drawn from
the testing of the lab program. Provide a UML diagram showing the base and the
derived class relationships, access specifiers, data types, and function arguments.
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