Devry Comp 122 Lab 3 Lab Report and Source Code

DEVRY COMP 122 Lab 3 Lab Report and
Source Code

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COMP 122 Week 3 iLab
Complete the following two programs:
Programming Problem 1
Write a program that generates all the factors of a number entered by the user. For
instance, the number 12 has the factors 2 * 2 * 3. This program has the following
A. The user must enter a positive integer. If the user enters something else, your
program should output an error message and let the user enter a new value. Use a
do/while loop to make sure the user input is successful.
B. The factors must be output in increasing order. The lowest factor your program
should report is 2.

C. Your program should output 4 factors per line, each factor in a field of 10
characters. (Hint: the number of factors output determines when to output endl!)
D. You will need a while loop to report the factors. Here are some helpful hints:
1. If (a % b == 0) then a is a factor of b.
2. When you have found a factor, output the factor and then reduce the number you
are working with by dividing the number by the factor… ie) / a;
1. Design an algorithm in pseudocode to solve the problem. Make sure to include
steps to get each input and to report the output. Include steps to deal with error
cases as specified above.
2. Identify three test cases, one using a number with 4 factors, one using a negative
number, and one using a number with more than 4 factors. For each of the three test
cases show what inputs you will use and what your expected outputs should be.
3. Write the program to implement your algorithm. Test your program using your
test cases.
Programming Problem 2
This program is designed to analyze the growth of two cities. Each city has a starting
population and annual growth rate. The smaller city has the larger growth rate...