Fetal Pig Lab

Fetal Pig Lab
Lab Journal

Blake Grist
Remy Desloges, Mark Pulak
Biology 11-1

Day 1-Gender Identification and External Anatomy
  1. Name: Kevin Bacon
  2. Gender: Male
  3. Length: Body 12.5 inches, Tail 3 inches
  4. Ear Notch: single Square
  5. Distinguishing marks: red spot on lower middle back
  6. List of Features:
  * Head
  * Pinna
  * Snout
  * External Nares
  * Mouth
  * Tongue
  * Mental Gland
  * Shoulder
  * Arm (Brachium)
  * Forearm (Antebrachium)
  * Elbow
  * Wrist
  * Hand
  * Foot
  * Digits
  * Trunk
  * Teat
  * Umbilical cord
  * Hip
  * Thigh
  * Knee
  * Ankle
  * Tail
  * Urogenital opening
  * Scrotum

  7. Classification (taxonomy):
  * Kingdom-Animalia
  * Phylum-Chordata
  * Class-Mammalia
  * Order-Artiodactyla
  * Suborder-Suina
  * Family-Suinae
  * Genus-Sus
  * Species-Scrofa

Day 2
Today we skinned the pig which took quite a bit of time due to the fact we had to pull and cut. Our group was also very gentle when trying to pull of the skin so we took longer. For the most part we sucessfuly cut around the penis, there is a small cut in it from going to fast. The skin was fully kept as one piece so it could wrapped around later. The umbilical cord and the mental gland were not cut.
All of these muscles were identified:
  * Masseter
  * Biceps
  * Triceps
  * Pectorals
  * Latissumus Dorsi
  * Trapezius
  * Deltoid
  * Gastrocnemius
  * Gluteals
  * Gracilis
  * Sartorius
  * Adductor femoris
  * Rectus abdominus
  * Quadriceps (vastus lateralis, vastus medialis, intermedius, rectus femoris)
  * Hamstrings (semitendinous, semimembranosus, biceps femoris)

The oblique muscles were identified. They were difficult at first since we had not cut deep enough and there was a layer of connecting tissue over top of the oblique muscles.
Oblique Muscles Identified:
  * Oblique
  * Internal oblique...