Devry Cis 321 Week 1 Milestone 1

DEVRY CIS 321 Week 1 Milestone 1

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In this milestone, you will prepare a Request for System Services Form, which is the
trigger for the Preliminary Investigation Phase. Also, you will use fact-finding
techniques to extract and analyze information from an interview to determine
project scope, level of management commitment, and project feasibility for the
Equipment Check-Out System (ECS). With these facts and facts obtained from the
Case Background, you will have the necessary information to complete the Problem
Statement Matrix. Refer to the ECS Case Introduction in the Case Project page.
After completing this milestone, you should be able to:
• Complete a Request for System Services form, which triggers the preliminary
investigation phase.
• Analyze a user interview and extract pertinent facts, which can be used to assess
project feasibility.
• Complete a "Problem Statement Matrix documenting the problems, opportunities,
or directives of the project.
Before starting this milestone, the following topics should be covered:

• The scope definition phase — Chapters 3 and 5
• Project management (optional) — Chapter 4
The Maintenance Department receives computing support from the GB
Manufacturing Information Systems Services Department (ISS). You are to assume
that you work as a systems analyst with ISS.

You have been asked by Dan Stantz to analyze and design the Equipment Depot
system to manage equipment check-in and check-out. In this assignment you first
need to assist Dan Stantz in preparing a "Request for Systems Services." Secondly, by
analyzing the interview transcripts, you will determine the feasibility of the project,
level of management commitment, and project scope by using fact-finding
techniques and the necessary communication...