Developmental Analysis

Adolescence and Addiction
Liberty University
Sheila Bowman

Adolescence and Addiction

Adolescence is a decisive period in a child’s life some are exposed to smoking, drinking, and drug use this could start with prescription medication. A teenage brain is prepared to take risks including experimenting with drugs, because it is still being developed, which may make it vulnerable to the harmful effects of drugs. Some teens become a risk due to a number of factors which are genetic factors, family history, trauma and medical health, or behavioral issues.
Teens resort to drugs because of loneliness, a desire to escape reality of the challenges of autonomy. Fear of not reaching or finding their goals. The media’s influence with the advertisements of smoking and drug use plays an important part in endangering the health and future of our teens. We need to educate the public that teen drug use is a public health issue. We should intervene and reduce and provide inescapable and essential treatment if needed.
A new reason that has surfaced is using drugs is to increase their academic excellence by taking An ADHD medication known as Adderall. Which supposedly increases your focus, thought, and increase your study habits and study longer. [Feldman,2014] This is an attempt to escape the hard challenges of competition and not failing academically and being a disappointment to their parents. They develop many problems in their efforts in meeting the demands of adult life and it’s scary.
Their social and emotional skills are acquired during this period of rapid growth and often there’s no learned behavior while using drugs, and this consequence causes psychosocial stunting of growth. Drugs and alcohol are common causes of teen auto accidents, school drop-outs, promiscuity, crime, suicide. We need to not normalize drug and alcohol use because it will stunt the health and future of our teens. Educate the public that teen drug use is a public health issue.
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