Developing Good Business Sense

Developing Good Business Sense
Brad Brownlee
June 5, 2011
Instructor: Amber Williams

Developing Good Business Sense
There are many different types of companies out there that provide services for the world. In this paper we will look at three companies that provide different services to the world. These companies are Burger King, UPS, and Belk’s. All three of these companies has a operation system in place that allows them and their teams to serve the public with a specific kind of product. Burger King is a fast food chain, UPS is a parcel service that delivers packages, and Belk’s is a retail store that supports clothing lines for customers to purchase.
All three of these companies are different but they all have three key components that are related to each other: input, operations, and output stages. Burger King inputs foods that they find at a low cost as possible.   By Burger King keeping the cost down on this side helps to keep the cost of the meals down for us when we purchase them. Their operations side is how each employee is able to greet the customer by taking the order and then processing the order by cooking and packing it up. Their output side is how much inventory of food that they are able to go through without keeping a lot on hand.
UPS is a parcel service that delivers packages to people from other companies or other people. Their input side is trucks and employees capable of doing the job at hand. They have to have a network setup so that the packages are sorted to the right place. The operations side is getting the packages to the customer on time and in the condition that it left in. Having employees that: unpack trucks. Sort trucks, repack trucks, and deliver them are the operations behind UPS operations. The output is keeping the cost down by sorting the packages closer to the final destination and keeping fuel cost down so it keeps the price of shipping down.
Belk’s is a retail store that provides clothing for customers....