Develop a Literature Review

Develop A Literature Review
Western Governor’s University
EBT1 Evidence Based Practice and Applied Nursing Research

Professional Setting
    A surgical intervention is scheduled on the right upper extremity at your facility.   The intervention seems routine enough to both the OR crew, and surgeon alike.   Inadvertently, the left upper extremity was operated on thus causing the patient to suffer unnecessarily, twice.   Wrong site surgical interventions, although rare, are more common then we as health care providers can appreciate, and when they occur have lasting effects.   Wrong site surgery is a wrong that simply cannot be rectified.   Wrong side, wrong site, wrong procedure, and wrong patient are all adverse events that are preventable.   When they occur, they are devastating, unacceptable, and will often result in litigation.   “We define a WPSE (wrong-side/wrong-site, wrong-procedure, and wrong-patient adverse events) as any procedure that has been performed on the opposite side, incorrect site, or incorrect level of the body; is performed on the wrong patient; or is the wrong procedure (Seiden, Barach, 2006).”
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